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Zest aims to decode cryptocurrencies for the everyday consumer, making the safest form of monetary transactions feel even safer. Rudimentary computer skills and common sense is all it takes to use Zest’s proprietary approach to Dedicated Masternodes. Each Dedicated Masternode Pool is built on the principles of altruism and giving back to the global community, establishing Zest as the world’s first cryptocurrency designed for cyclical good. Whether it’s providing support down the block or across country borders, each fund will give back to global initiatives across five key pillars to create value for both Zest members and the causes they believe in. Zest’s voting structure is broken into two parts: Internal and External initiatives. Internal Initiatives Voting Internal initiatives aid in ensuring Zest’s brand takes strategic measures to propel its success. Initiatives are shortlisted by The Zest Foundation before being voted on by the Masternode owners. Example areas of focus could include, but are not limited to marketing and budget expenditures, and talent acquisition fund allocation. External Initiatives Voting External initiatives are those The Zest Foundation funds through the five Dedicated Masternode Pools. All pools (with the exception of Rapid Relief) accept recommendations from Masternode owners and thirdparty applications. The Zest Foundation reviews each submission before creating a shortlist of proposals on Zest’s blockchain for Masternode owners to vote on. As mentioned, Masternode owners have exclusive voting access to determine which proposals Zest supports.
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