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The Zephyr token (ZEPH) is a reward token for the Bitspark money transfer network. Bitspark is the oldest cryptocurrency remittance company since 2014 and is focused on providing remittance services for money transfer companies. The ZEPH token is an incentive for users to utilise the Bitspark money transfer network for payments and to reward newly onboarded customers to join the network, ZEPH is currently exclusively traded on the Bitshares DEX. A percentage of fees charged on the network (25%) is used for the buyback of the ZEPH token from the market on the Bitshares DEX ensuring a strong correlation with transaction volume and fees on the Bitspark remittance network. ZEPH has been traded since November 2017 when the token sale concluded and has been listed on secondary market platforms like Bnktothefuture in addition to coverage of Bitspark services in Forbes and Bloomberg. The ZEPH token is an exciting opportunity for remittance customers to be rewarded for things they already do, sending money overseas in an easy to use trusted platform.
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