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Blockchain 5.0, WAB, is created with a multi-party computational system, a one-time account generation feature, a secret-sharing threshold, Lamport signature, and other quantum proof cryptographic technologies. WAB annihilates the concerns and shortcomings associated with smart contract and tokens. WAB is an innovative and out of its league cryptographic app that resolves the issues that plague Blockchains and shows that blockchain as a technology is improving daily. WAB is created by a team of cryptographers that are using various cryptographic schemes that are immune to attacks from both quantum and classical computers. WAB is a Blockchain that solves all the issues of existing Blockchains like scalability limitations, the limitations of cross-chain transactions, intra- chain transactions, quantum proof encryptions, and a blockchain with a high scalability of 100TPS to 100 million TPS because of its dynamic sharding configuration. Our blockchain can support smart contract with our unique and innovative smart contracts language while providing privacy for transactions using smart contracts. Programmers can develop apps using WAB. WAB uses an infrastructure and technology that allows cross-chain transfers to be done easily and fast. WAB is a blockchain that does the following. 1) WAB can make the interconnection among Blockchains possible. 2) WAB ensures that the cross chain transactions’ records are complete. 3) WAB ensures that the details of the cross-chain transaction are maintained. WAB ensures that cross-chain transactions from one public blockchain to another, from one private blockchain to another, and from a public to a private blockchain are possible.
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