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Themis Chain proposes a new and achievable time-predicting market ecosystem. The entire ecosystem is centered on smart contracts and its own chain, Themis Chain, which builds a decentralized platform where users, platforms, partners and developers participate. Through a sound operating system and incentive mechanism, we will predict the ecological upstream and downstream, and build a closed loop of predictive ecology. Predictive Ecology uses a dual Token design for value flow to communicate and inspire value across different businesses. When a user predicts any target event within the Themis Chain platform, the Token is used to purchase a share of the successful revenue forecast for that event. If the prediction is correct, you can get the corresponding Token as a reward. Themis Chain 提出了一种全新的、可实现的时间预测市场生态链,整个生态以智能合约和自有链Themis Chain 为核心,构建了用户、平台、合作商和开发者共同参与的分散式平台,通过完善的运营体系和激励机制,贯通预测生态上下游,构建预测生态的闭环。预测生态采用双Token设计进行价值流动,在不同业务间传达和激发价值。用户对Themis Chain 平台内任何一个目标事件进行预测时,使用Token去购买该次事件预测成功收益的份额。如果预测正确,则能获得相应的Token作为奖励。
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