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SUB1X is an ultra low supply, community driven cryptocurrency. It started off as an ERC-20 token, with over 80% of the supply being distributed in the form of an airdrop. In order to achieve its long term ambitions, the development team decided that creating a dedicated masternode compatible SUB1X chain was the best way forward. Scarcity - An initial supply of just 11,200 means SUB1X will be the lowest supply masternode coin to date Masternodes - The implementation of high reward MNs with annual returns of 400%+ whilst maintaining modest inflation. Anonymous Tech - The integration of zerocoin protocol allows users to remain completely anonymous whilst making transactions. As a result, payments can be made across the chain with complete privacy. Community Governance - SUB1X is decentralised at heart, sticking to the core principles that make crypto appealing. Once additional roadmap goals have been satisfied, decisions will be made by node holders via governance masternode voting. Fair Distribution - SUB1X has an extremely fair distribution process because of its origin as an airdropped ERC-20 token. Consequently, no one user holds a monopoly over the supply.
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