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Stakinglab has been operating in the field of instant and shared masternode services for more than a year. We have built a very strong client base and we are now looking for expansion of our services. We have delivered two platform and as part of our expansion plan and now need to have our own payment system in place to offer maximum benefits to our community members. Labcoin will be used for all the transactions needed for stakinglab and its subsidiary companies like clicknode. Clicknode is a single click masternode hosting platform and is being appreciated by customers as it hides all the technical complexities involved in hosting a masternode. Innovation in the digital currency are now quite limited as most of the coins are forked either from bitcoin or etherium chain. We have used PIVX chain and forked further to bring Labcoin to the industry. The usage of labcoin is quite innnovative as it will save a lot of transaction costs for our community members as people can use it for any services in stakinglab ecosystem freely.
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