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SEA (Second Exchange Alliance) is a second-generation value exchange network platform that is positioned as the leader of next-generation cloud services. It integrates blockchain, distributed storage, P2P and other technologies to fully optimize traditional service calls and data access. And various aspects such as data security and identity authentication based on the build safe, efficient, autonomy, stability, economic cloud services platform for the underlying storage, computing and network resources can be more economically safe to use, and they bring breakthroughs to the cloud service experience. SEA will publicize its own rules, SDK, API to third-party developers, and form a cloud service ecosystem with a number of industry partners to jointly build video, software, music, pictures, games and other vertical digital resource application scenarios, around SEA Token to create a variety of DAPP applications. In addition, SEA focuses on its own cloud service platform and aggregates traditional resource sharing platforms at home and abroad to jointly build a network ecosystem that is purer, more efficient, more autonomous, and has intrinsic economic value.
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