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SEADEX (Southeast Asia Digital Exchange) is a digital asset exchange platform based in Southeast Asia. It supports trading between various fiat currencies and digital assets and has a variety of special trading patterns. With rich experience and strong professionalism, the team has been deeply working in the investment fields of finance, stocks, and securities for many years to ensure that it provides its users with only the high quality cryptocurrency for trading, along with the safest trading experience, and finally it aims to become one of the best digital assets exchange in Southeast Asia and ultimately to be one of the leading exchanges in the world. The SEAD coin is an ERC20-based cryptocurrency issued by SEADEX with a total limit of 200 million coins that can never be increased. SEAD will run natively on the Ethereum Blockchain with ERC20. SEAD can initially be used for payment of services within SEADEX. At later stages, SEADEX will establish connections with external parties to create an ecosystem on which the SEAD can be used as payment for other goods and services serving the purpose similar to fiat currency.
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