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ReeCore is a peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency for ordinary people, easy to use and acquire. ReeCore is a cryptocurrency built upon the original Bitcoin Core codebase with features Proof-Of-Stake variable per number of block. ReeCore summarizes the best characteristics of digital currencies, which were issued earlier (Bitcoin, Peercoin), such as: increased security, fast consensus mechanism, and increased decentralization achieved by requiring miners to prove the knowledge of the transaction data. Hardforked Dec 2018 and below are the new coin improvements & specifications: * Segwit protocol applied: fast transaction aprox. 300 tx/s * DNS hardcoded * Supersecure * Consesus by masternode * POS 3.0. * Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transaction: Instantsend * Intregated BIP38, multisignature, blockexplorer, wallet repair and multisend functions in wallet * Low transaction fee
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