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Connecting dots between cryptocurrency and real world economy. PlusCoin issuer Metaps Plus owns USD 100m volume mobile transaction in Korea and has strong China, Japan and Korea operations in North Asia as Metaps Group. Mobile FinTech platform meets the cryptocurrency economy to complete “Money Flow Platform” This is the first ERC-20 token officially issued by South Korean incorporation and waiting for approval from Japanese FSA to be listed in Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges. 1. Rewards PlusCoin owners can receive, upon discretion and decision of the company operating the CoinRoom, certain rewards in the form of PlusCoin or ETH in each quarter, provided that the amount does not exceed 10% of the portion of the CoinRoom’s profit generated by the transaction commissions. 2. Transaction fee return PlusCoin holders are entitled to quarterly returns of the transaction fees as a part of their benefits. 3. Mobile Coupons Buyers of mobile coupons will receive discount premiums based on the amount of PlusCoin owned.
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