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P2P Global Network is birthed with the aim to solve the burning problem of unemployment that raises out of unavoidable and unfortunate life incidents. We realize that unavoidable circumstances can lead to unfortunate circumstances and problems. P2P Global Network specializes in solving those problems. We do just that with a network that utilizes trigger-executed smart contracts to assure delivery of payment to all our members in a decentralized Blockchain environment when validated! Because we are a dynamic team whom places a high value on problem solving, we are able to fill the gap between the standard unemployment benefit amounts, and your way of life! No one is denied benefits in their time do need! Upon our cross check we have realized that many participants in the P2P Global Network Airdrop and Bounty have not joined the following social media. Please be sure that you have done so. We will allow an additional 1 week to do so. Follow the listed links bellow and join/follow.
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