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OmnesCoin: the fastest growing cryptocoin in Pará Today, the most talked about on wheels of friends, social networks, financial market and social media is about digital coins. Crypto-currency uses cryptography, that is, hard-to-break codes to ensure much safer transactions. Its negotiation takes place on the Internet, without bureaucracy or needs from the intermediary of Financial Institutions or the Government. Thus, facilitating financial transactions and investment, especially in relation to electronic commerce. It was thinking of the ease of online transactions, buying and selling, investments and especially the financial security that was born the Omnescoin Platform. Omnes was created in June 2018 and uses the Ethereum ERC20 technology, which brings stalability, security and transparency in its services. In addition to its goal is to settle payments through the Omnes application, through products and services that facilitate the daily use of crypto-coins for the user.
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