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The vision of Monoeci is to provide a secure and trustless blockchain system that facilitates the transfer of assets. Our ambition is to become the next economic model based on a fair governance system. Monoeci wants to use the following core benefits of blockchain technology to improve daily transactions in every sector that requires an asset transfer: • Transparency • Integrity • Economic efficiency • Traceability With this in mind, Monoeci aims to build the bridge between blockchain technology and the real world economy by bringing together a large number of Monegasque businesses and providing them the tools to operate within the Monoeci Blockchain ecosystem : • Wallet • Payment terminals • Web and mobile applications • ATMs The Monoeci Blockchain system will allow the following operations: • Exchange payments between parties • Asset transfer (Real Estate, Financial, Tourism, etc...) • Rewards the community for participation in the network • Private and/or public transaction services • Crowdfunding • Charity donations • Supply chain management Developments designed to bolster the Monoeci ecosystem are already underway as well as plans for significant development in the future (see “Achievements & Roadmap” section). Monoeci is designed for anyone who wishes to embrace the new economy.
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