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MOLD is a fair and secure distributed gaming platform which supports the development of new games and simplifies the trading of items, weapons, armors, and other valuable data. Items, weapons, and armors in games will be distributed on the market as uniquely defined tokens on original blockchain, making it possible to trade without a third-party organization. MOLD also has a different structure unlike the traditional centralized games where the token ownership belongs to the game operator; therefore, creating new values in the virtual world of game data. As technology and humanity advances, such newly established values will begin to have more realistic values which potentially could lead to a larger economy. MOLD trades maintain fairness by making it possible for users to perform inspections and confirm the flow of funds, preventing counterfeited money and overlapping transfers. The traditional monetary system had a client-server architecture and a centralized payment system, making it vulnerable to hacking and other attacks from external sources. Clients were also charged with service fees for financial regulations and complicated processing. On the other hand, a distributed currency platform with a P2P architecture has less load and is extremely secure since it does not depend on third parties, and information does not remain in one place.
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