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"Miacoin is a coin that can be mined up to 1000 blocks on the entire blockchain. After that you start to get about a percentage of 20% annual on your total coin,only mine stake blocks ""PoS"". Securing your MIAC wallet is very easy. First, you will need to encrypt and backup your MIAC wallet. Do this by clicking on File, and then select Encrypt. Complex passwords will help to prevent weak password guessing. Use length to your advantage. A combination of special characters, numbers, upper and lowercase letters, will all help to better protect you from someone guessing your password easily, or via brute force. Do not store passwords on a computer that is connected to the internet. If possible, create your passwords on an offline computer, and save them to an external drive. It is best practices never to access the external drive on a computer connected to the internet. The low tech way is to print your passwords and keep them in a safe place. Never forget, or lose your MIAC wallet password. If you do, you will lose your coins."
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