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POS Magiccoin is the first transaction based on Proof-of-stake dedicated to altcoin platform. In addition to through the intermediary currency Bitcoin (BTC) or magic coin (MagicCoin) Investors trading POS coins, the platform also allows developers to use a separate distribution tag and let their ICO own Competitive costs. Traders have quick and easy access to over 100 POS coin types. They can pay by stock Change POS coins to earn more money by tapping extra funds. In addition, developers can also sign contracts at competitive costs Register POS MAGICCOIN. Finally, POS MagicCoin will give the user a wallet with the necessary plugins (Plugin), let them adjust according to the required settings, they can also use the appropriate table of their choice. The form of profit will be used as the Magic Magic Community Development Fund. In addition to strengthening the technical basis, but also from regular operating profit burning Burning to ensure that the community benefits from the scarcity of MAGE.
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