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LBT chain introduction of the currency With the development of the times, as blockchain technology continues to make breakthroughs, more and more financial institutions around the world are considering adopting blockchain technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs. LBT chain aims to build an automated third-party payment platform for offline industries. Compared with the past, the prosperous payment ecology has made great improvement in the information flow level. However, in the final capital flow level, it still remains in the key processes such as the day-end switching, account reconciliation and settlement, and capital gap, without any breakthrough. We use blockchain technology to build the underlying platform and build a decentralized, cross-border third-party payment platform with flexible transaction, transparent price and well-guaranteed rights and interests一一LBT chain . LBT chain is a new international quick payment system based on the global and open blockchain technology. It is committed to building the technical logic of the underlying architecture of blockchain and intelligent contract of business model. Connect global users together to build a digital currency payment system in the blockchain world and drive the development of smart payment. LBT is also used to bridge the gap between various alliances, industries and users and solve many pain points in the current payment industry. It is a blockchain project with a global application scenario and an ambitious blueprint under the top-level architecture concept of international blockchain technology.
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