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KanadeCoin is an Ethereum token from Japan that provides the option of a token economy to a person providing a service, such as a developer of a smartphone application and an operator of a website. We will provide secure contracts using smart contracts · smooth settlement through KanadeCoin SDK. Together with creatives called service development Not only businesses but also individuals continue to produce applications, Web services, and Web sites on a daily basis. Though they are very small services, they are closed soon, and there are many who do not have anyone, we think they are wonderfully creative activities and may be slightly overblown I believe that the accumulation of this small challenge will open the future of humanity. (I also manage several web services that do not go as long as 5 pv / day ...) Regardless of the size of the service, we would like to encourage tokens utilization through KanadeCoin, to make manufacturing more enjoyable, and to support profitability (ensuring business continuity of the service). Also, we are looking for friends aiming for KanadeCoin which is easier to use. For those who are excited about KanadeCoin together, please check Discord's "Bounty-County" channel, including management team, peripheral service developer, publicity etc.
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