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The Guess Chain is a full open-sourcing, distributed and public chain with guess forecast in the board and card games market, and the underlying blockchain system of the industry alliance developed based on the inheritance of features and advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The guess chain constructs a decentralized, fair, open and just ecological chain by blockchain technology with combination of blockchain features, and overturns the traditional guess forecast industry and board and card games industry with revolution in the dual role of "administrator" and "arbitrator" simultaneously for the previous traditional mode. The guess chain is an ecological chain based on such mechanisms as distributed bookkeeping, smart contract and collective consensus, and records the redundant behavior data generated by users through distributed nodes to make every node exchange data process true and credible and historic exchange record unchangeable. Moreover, the account book of each node will be synchronized to the latest data with recognition of the latest data after consensus. These data are determined for correctness through the participated nodes. The guess chain uses the technical features blockchain such as decentration, transparency, openness, non-alterability of data, transaction traceability and intelligent autonomy to break the industry barrier, so as to lay a foundation for big industry and big data which can be trusted by each industrial guess forecast. All data are decided by users themselves. The guess chain is just in the brand new decentralized platform based on blockchain with above features of efficiency and autonomy.
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