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GTS takes high-performence blockchain as core, running interface and functionality expansion, meanwhile supporting multi-blockchain infrustructur (such as BTS, EOS and other public / private blockchains etc.). Exchange established with GTS system shall share resources cross plattforms and blockchains, bring platforms exisiting users and market depth into GTS economy, through GTS crypto galaxy, promote GTS economy exchange both internal and external market. GTS economy natrually make decentralised exchage hyper group and directly influent on global market. In terms of function expansion, GTS provides user-friendly UI, automatically deposite and gateway, OTC system, ICO/IEO, announcement support, automatic transaction, cross-chain relay, e-commerce interface, mobile client, hardware wallet and other modules, as well as expands the functions of the original blockchain platform to realize the function and accessibility beyond the traditional trading platforms. The development of the system adopts the implementation process of configuration in the type of building block, and code development is not needed in the implementation process, and then the automatic deployment of full configuration will be achieved, which allows the exchanges to be launched quickly.
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