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Furt Coin is the currency adopted on the Furt platform. Furt Coin platform is one created by fans, run by fans. We know that you are tired of how clubs are run like business ventures, only out to exploit you and make more money at your expense when you have tirelessly supported them, at every step of the way. With this coin, you can benefit from our incredible features and key into the benefits of our platform. The outstanding factor about Furt Coin is that you can trade or exchange it in a crypto-exchange. While adopting the use of blockchain technology for our Furt Coin to ensure total safety and accurate records on the platform, we are certain that as time goes on, the price of the coin will increase because a lot of humans love football and will key into the advantages that we offer. You can be rest assured that the higher the demand for Furt Coin, the higher the worth of the coin as we operate under the Economic Law of Demand and Supply.
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