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Fast Access Blockchain (FAB) network is creating a fast, secure and scalable blockchain platform that meets real business requirements. Using blockchain best practices and a multi-layer architecture, FAB is solving blockchain’s biggest problems – scalability, transaction speed, security and performance. With FAB, organizations can transact quickly, reliably and securely at significant cost savings. Developers can build decentralized applications on the platform using smart contracts. In this way, FAB is both a network for transaction information of all kinds, and a platform to create scalable applications. FAB’s architecture is made up of three layers, a Foundation Chain, Annex Chains and an Open Storage network. This platform allows for smart contract execution, cross chain transactions and allows developers to easily customize the platform for their own needs. The foundation chain is live with a 5 second transaction speed. The network is scalable up to potentially 1 million transactions per second due to unique technology improvements and design framework, interoperable with other blockchains, and has an application layer with middleware frameworks that makes blockchain development quick and simple for those with limited blockchain experience. We will also create an application store. FABcoin is the only base currency in the FAB network & ecosystem, the unique unit for pricing and payment. Fabcoin will be able to be used for all applications made on the FAB network platform. Fabcoin is the token used to compensate those running the network you are using to implement your smart contract. Currently, we are halfway through our project roadmap. We already have our Foundation Blockchain created, and partnerships where we are building applications alongside companies on FAB. Our software and documentation can be found and downloaded at http://fabcoin.pro. FAB is an enterprise-grade, next generation blockchain application platform for global enterprises that aim to fast track the adoption of blockchain technology. Using a unique architecture, it is scalable to over one million transactions per second, hundreds of millions of users, petabytes of storage, and hundreds of thousands of decentralized applications. Unlike other blockchain platforms for business which are mostly private or permissioned, FAB is a true public blockchain, providing the highest level of trust and reliability, and includes pre-built applications that speed integration with existing enterprise systems. FAB provides a comprehensive framework for large-scale applications for enterprises from all sectors to take advantage of the blockchain-powered decentralized economy.
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