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Business foundation of DENX.LTD is built on four pillars for successful implementation and feasibility of arbitrage and market making strategies in the cryptocurrency markets. 1. Scaling up of private arbitrage scripts, their running stability, and executing efficiency. 2. Lowering the “spill-over” costs of the need for having pools of assets allocated at different exchanges and gateways. 3. Increasing transactional efficiency by lowering volume based fees and negotiating individual agreements. 4. Multiplying the number of end trade events by covering additional exchanges and gateways. Den-X are closely monitoring development of new markets and gateways within the blockchain transactional landscape. The industry exhibits strong double-digit growth rates and we expect this trend to continue in the near future. In order to have the advantage of positioning as the first mover, we evaluate different expanding options on the ongoing basis. Any new market entrances will be announced through press releases.
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