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DataKYC is the world's first financial services ecosystem with KYC certification as its core and derivative and KYC business. It is committed to solving global financial information asymmetry and provides users with digital currency mortgage loans and lines through mature and stable risk control system. Services such as cash loans and global lending. The vision of the DataKYC time chain is to be friends with time and let value pass quickly through the world. DKYC is an encryption token issued by DataKYC that can be used as a fee on the DataKYC platform to purchase the corresponding service. Third-party developers or cryptocurrency traders, as well as borrowers and lenders who have financial business needs, can apply applications and token services on the DataKYC platform. They need to pay a certain DKYC as a handling fee. In addition, DKYC tokens can also be used. The user is used as a bonus to deduct a certain fee.
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