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CryptoInsight is a desktop and a mobile application which offers insights and analytics on your portfolio. A wide range of utilities and tools will be at hand for crypto-enthusiasts to determine which currencies are safe for investment (based on historical analysis and current market trend), how their portfolio is faring, what has been the most profitable currency at a certain selectable time-range and more. Furthermore, CryptoInsight will also use historical data models and apply machine learning to obtain prediction models for cryptocurrencies and portfolios in the future. CryptoInsight is different from other tools or sites such as Coindash, Blockfolio and so on as it does not relate to just displaying your static assets and the values thereof. It enables the user to run a wide set of tests (such as backtesting) to determine their growth patterns. Another important distinction is that it does not save any of its user data on its servers, nor does it transmit any user data, all data is stored locally on the user’s client
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