CoinPark Token

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Срез 24ч
Рыночная кап.
$ 309,668
Объем 24ч
$ 49,875
Доступные единицы
Всего единиц
Trading on CoinPark is considered as mining and the user is considered as a “miner”. The mining output is CP. You only need to trade on CoinPark, and the resulting transaction fees will be automatically converted to CP, and pay dividends to the CP holder\'s account one hour a time from 0:00 am (Singapore time) on the following day, the dividends for each hour calculated from the same hour period of previous day. * CP is an abbreviation for CoinParkToken, which is an Ethereum ERC20 standard token. CP was generated through the "transaction is mining" method, with a total of 10 billion, of which 60% was excavated by miners, and the remaining 40% was pre-issued and frozen. The frozen portion was also thawed daily as miners began digging.
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