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The CIChain is the first risk insurance platform to insure the world of blockchain. With wallet insurance and sending-coin lost insurance provided, CIChain is committed to creating effective and truly suitable insurance platforms and solutions for the blockchain world to enable all risky activities on the blockchain can be insured. The CIChain is an open-source blockchain application platform based on Ethereum’s smart contracts. Developers can customize rich innovative insurance products, and each user on the platform may spend CIC to implement the entire risk hedging process, from insuring, underwriting to claims settlement. The CIChain Platform realizes automate claims settlement by smart contracts, and the disintermediation greatly reduce trust and operating costs. Technology CIChain is committed to building the worlds largest blockchain insurance community, using technology to bring insurance back to its original mission, to make the insured be the owner of the insurance, and to share the dividend of the community. The prices of traditional insurance products are high, the terms of the terms are difficult to understand, the dispute of claims are dissension, and the interest oriented sales misleading have been puzzling hundreds of millions of users. It is not consistent with the position of the insurance agency and the policy holder in the traditional insurance organization model. CIChain reconstructs the insurance production relationshipbased on the blockchain, without the centralization insurance companies. Everyone can be equal, simple and extremely low into the risk autonomy organization initiated by the members of the community or other community members to obtain the automatic compensation of the insurance smart contract at the time of the accident. CIChain will bring a subversive change to the traditional insurance. Join the CIChain community, let everyones digital property risk, the entity asset risk to life risk will be guaranteed based on the blockchain trust, each CIC holder will be the owner of the blockchain insurance, sharing the development bonus of the blockchain insurance.
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