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June 5, 2016
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$ 55,868
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ChessCoin has the Scrypt Algorithm with Hybrid PoW/PoS feature. However, the phase of PoW finished before ChessCoin launches. Then ChessCoin can be considered a pure POS coin. The annual Staking rate is 32%. Nowadays, many coins that have high rate staking often lose their value gradually because of the high inflation. Those coins provide not any advanced features of blockchain technology except for transferring ability. The increasing in number of coins annually can’t offset the decreasing of the price. Some of them become Scam-coins when Devs escape and their value go down to 1 Satoshi or even Zero. The coin holders lose all in that situation. ChessCoin has high Staking rate but its value will not be down because it is developed nonstop until achieving the best features to be popular both in chess and cryptocurrency community all over the world. An importance feature of ChessCoin is that its security and transaction speed are not inferior to any coin in cryptocurrency world now. The transactions are executed nearly instantly.
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