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Chatbit platform is the first independent project of YMAX Co., Ltd., that until now has provided blockchain-based solutions to various companies. Chatbit project was started with the idea of developers sharing better information, connecting to users and creating a better communication platform. Chatbit Token (CBT) is the basis of Chatbit platform. Users can receive Chatbit Points (CBP) as a reward for their activities (content creation, commenting and recommendations) and can convert them to Chatbit Tokens (CBT) whenever they want. It is also possible to sell CBT on a cryptocurrency exchange. In near future, as the Chatbit Point (CBP) becomes more valuable, it will have many applications. This means that users with more Chatbit Point (CBP) will have an opportunity to view high quality paid content freely, and will receive more Chatbit Points (CBP) when share content with other users. Chatbit Point (CBP) can be converted into Chatbit Token (CBT) after a 24-hours confirmation period. In addition, Chatbit shares with users 20% of quarterly earnings through airdrops. The amount of the airdrop received by individual users is determined based on the holding period of Chatbit Points (CBP), as the users hold it for longer periods of time, they will receive more rewards.
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